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Roger Horam

Project Consultant and Advisor

Roger headed up Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce’s Projects and Partnerships team for over 12 years, providing specialist consultancy and training services to the public, private and voluntary sectors throughout the UK and Europe. A highly experienced project manager, he has specialist knowledge of mainstream, publicly-funded business support services and has been instrumental in delivering a range of government-funded projects to meet the training and development needs of creative businesses and individuals.

He is also responsible for developing, managing and/or delivering ‘special projects’ accessing a plethora of Transnational, National, Regional and Local public funding.

Roger’s core expertise is e-business working with thousands of businesses over a 10 year period, but his core passion is inclusion and social justice and he has worked tirelessly to ensure an equitable society based on market forces. To this end he has accessed funds to deliver business support and training for under-represented and disadvantaged groups such as ethnic minorities, youth, older people, females and people disadvantaged because of where they live

In Scotland, Roger is amongst the top 5 experts in accessing funding for the public and NGO sectors and is used by a number of agencies.

Roger has an MSc (with Distinction) in Hospitality (Information Technology) Management and is working towards a PhD.