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Greatway Youth Academy

The Greatway Academy is a Youth Centre, a constituent division of the Greatway Foundation. The Greatway Youth Academy is a charity dedicated to community and social services. The academy is set up to serve the social, educational, recreational and welfare interests, vision and needs of the local people regardless of their race, religion, disability, age, gender or sexual orientation.

The Academy is fortunate to own extensive recreational facilities, and is able to offer challenging experiences and learning opportunities that are not otherwise easily available to young and deprived people. The Academy runs a structuredyouth programme that uses a range of activities for both informal and formal youth work.

The Academy aims to aid the personal, cultural, emotional, family, intellectual and social development of young people, through leadership, mentoring, life skills development and self-confidence & team-building exercises in a learning environment. More so, the Academy also involve the family thus creating family network where family gets involve and play vital role in the life of the Academy.

Environmental Youth Forum

We organise activities that encourage our youth to adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle. These activities normally occur on a monthly basis. Our previous activities include: BBQ, Recycling workshop and A film day for conservation.

  • Meeting spaces

  • Kitchen facilities

  • Opportunities for young people and adults to meet in small groups.

  • Opportunities for people to access information technology.

  • Opportunities to access information and advice, including one to one private interview space.

  • Opportunities for outdoor/indoor physical and/or recreational activities.

  • Performance space for drama and music.

  • Adequate signs, lighting and security.

  • Accessible office space & large multi-purpose hall

  • Appropriate access in relation to disability.

  • Access to a mini-bus.

  • Musical Instrument (Set-up)

  • IT computer suite & Web Radio Station

  • Arts and crafts room

  • After-school centre – English, Mathematics and Sciences

  • Environmentally Friendly activities (cookery classes and conservation projects)

Our Activities

Arts Room

Disciplines as diverse as papier-mâché, modeling, painting and silk screen printing encourage ideas, creativity and self expression amongst club members, with uniquely themed sessions run by specialist art tutors.

Drama Workshops

Working in partnership with leading drama organizations, the Academy’s staff run , workshops that build confidence and encourage self expression in FYA members, and which lead on to fully rehearsed productions.


FA qualified coaches teach ball skills and techniques and increase fitness levels of Academy members who participate in these two hour sessions that culminate in proper match practice.

IT Computer Suite

A busy, supported environment where club members are encouraged to learn new software packages and explore the web for additional learning resources on a range of subjects that can help with homework, social issues or leisure interests.

After-school Centre

The overall goal of the After-school canter is to provide students with a well grounded and sustained strengthening of teaching and learning across the curriculum for all pupils aged 11 to 16. It is also aimed at engaging pupils with challenging, differentiated, interesting and varied tasks. For example help with homework, time- management, realistic study habits, remedial reading skills, anger control etc

Our Activities

In addition to the youth engagement, the Academy inaugurated a ‘community project’ called Drop’em to fight against Gun and Knife crime, street / school fighting amongst the youth as well as educating them on sustainability and the importance of protecting the environment
The Academy is currently open to 9 – 25 year olds of both sexes and has a lively mix of young people from different ethnic and social backgrounds.
Time: Monday – Friday 9am-5pm