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Structure of the Greatway Foundation

The Director is the principal officer of the Foundation and is responsible to the Board of Greatway Foundation. The Director co-ordinates daily operations of the Foundation.

The governing body of the Greatway Foundation is the Board of the Foundation and the principal officer is the Director.

Board of Foundation

The Board of Foundation [...]+-

The Board of the Foundation is the governing body of the Foundation and comprises five members. It exercises guardianship over the Foundation’s assets and resources, and ensures their effective management, control and use. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the chairman of the Foundation.

The Board of the Greatway Foundation is responsible for the policy and strategic direction of the Foundation; it operates through the three main divisions by a Management Team, who looks after the General objectives of each division.


The Divisional Council advises the Board of the Foundation on the strategic direction of the Foundation, and is responsible for ensuring the proper discharge of its corporate affairs. It is chaired by the Director and its membership comprises the Heads of the three divisions of the Foundation.


Management Team+-

Each Division has a governing body being referred to as Management team, whose heads are part of the Divisional Council. The Management Team sees to the day to day running of their Division and thus accountable to the Divisional Council, who then reports to the Board of the Foundation.


The Foundation is required to submit strategic planning and financial information to the Governing Board on an annual basis. This information includes a Corporate Planning Statement and an Annual Monitoring Statement.


The central Foundation includes certain administrative offices which support the central activities. Below are information about those offices and departments:

  • Social and Environmental Inclusion Department- Includes work with our ‘Africans for Conservation’ Project
  • Human Resources Department – Dealing with personnel matters
  • Training & Conferences Centre – Ensuring that training rooms are in order
  • Facilities, Environmental and Security Services (FESS)
    – FESS is responsible for all aspects of the operation, management, maintenance and development of the building; ensuring security and cleanliness.
  • Finance Department – providing financial management, budget and advice.
  • Research and Development Centre – Research and development of programmes
  • Learn fast Centre – Centre for basic studies
  • Transport services – Providing transport service
  • Catering Department – Responsible for the catering service for the centre and public
  • Laundry Services Department