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Drop In Center

A Community Outreach Service Centre for the disadvantaged, short or long term unemployed, unemployed single parents, disabled and homeless. However, we refer to them as clients. The Centre has not only served the clients breakfast and lunch but has also linked them with programs and specialist agencies to support them break the cycle of homelessness. Partnerships have been forged and fostered to allow us to offer the best services to the people who need them the most. We provide day shelter based support with daily living skills, education, recreation and training opportunities.

Our innovative multicultural cohesion service model offers our clients and individuals an on-site structured, step-by-step process to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency. This revolutionary program relies on partnerships with specialist agencies and association.

Thus, we believe passionately in the personal development of every one of our staff members and we have quite a number of voluntary personnel. We pride ourselves on our diverse and committed staff team. We are committed to providing appropriate training for each employee, enabling them to develop professionally and gain job satisfaction from their role.

Everything that goes on in the Centre serves to further our mission, which is threefold – to:

  • Break the cycle of hopelessness and helplessness.
  • Encourage them discover their worth, dignity and potential.
  • Empower, equip and give their life positive meaning- life skills.

The Centre maintains strong links with local providers for more specialist services, relevant to our clients’ welfare. We are seen as a good point of contact as well as an impartial non-judgmental meeting place. For many clients, the Centre is the only place they can afford to go to socialize and the only place they feel confident enough to try and make changes to their lives.

  • Served breakfast and lunch – food cooked on site.

  • Delivers laundry and shower services.

  • Give out clothing to the clients on assessment

  • Delivers basic English language literacy skills

  • Help filling in forms.

  • Welfare, wellbeing, guidance and help.

  • Counselling (by appointment: both pastoral and psychological)

  • Internet access and telephone services

  • Connecting clients with relations, family.

  • Variety Recreational activities

  • Variety music, line dancing, storytelling/chat time ( write to Scottish storytelling)

  • Art & craft intergeneration link with Greatway Youth Academy

  • Special services provided by the following agencies or bodies:

  • Job search through job-centre plus

  • Substance misuse worker

  • Debt advice service (by appointment)

  • Solicitor for welfare rights and legal advice

  • Mental Health service support team

  • Resettlement help and advice.

  • The Drug and Alcohol team support service.